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About the smartphone’s bootloop iPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木なら本厚木駅近のスマホスピタル厚木ガーデンシティにお任せ!

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About the smartphone’s bootloop

[2019.04.05] スマホスピタル厚木ガーデンシティ


Hello, We are Smahosupital Atsugi Gardencity Store.


We always undertake some kinds of repair.

For exapmles, Display clacking, Battery worse, and the other place of phone’s repair…

Especially in these, The most troublly repair case is the “Bootloop”.


Bootloop will most likely happen suddenly.

The phone will not be able to boot up if bootloop happened.


So today, We’d like to introduce about the bootloop.


What is the bootloop?

It seems that some people think “What is the bootloop?”.

Sometimes your phone fall into a phenomenon that turning off its power and boot up when you boot you phone.

That’s not be able to boot up your phone.

This is the “Bootloop”.


Well, How Should we do if happens the bootloop?


In the iPhone’s case

iPhone have a convenient solution!

That’s “iTunes”. If you have a PC and have installed iTunes, It’ll be prepared the way of the solution.


First of all, your phone connect to PC what have booted iTunes.

Next, if iTunes recognizes your phone, It’ll be displayed your phones icon. Click this!

And screen will migrate to your phone’s information, It’ll be displayed about the iOS update by manual.

It seems that there are two kinds of button “Update” and “Restore”.

If you want to resolve your phone’s bootloop, please select “Update”.

So, It’ll start the process of iOS’s update of your phone, wait a lil bit while the process finished.


It’ll be able to boot your phone nomally if it works well.



That the solution of your iPhone’s bootloop.

We appreciate if this information be your help.


Thanks for reading! See you again!!


Smahospital Atsugi Gardencity Store


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