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If your phone can’t boot up… iPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木なら本厚木駅近のスマホスピタル厚木ガーデンシティにお任せ!

  • お電話でご予約の上ご来店下さい。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木
  • オンライン予約はコチラiPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木
  • 店舗アクセス。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木
  • お電話でご予約の上ご来店下さい。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木
  • オンライン予約はコチラiPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木
  • 店舗アクセス。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 厚木



If your phone can’t boot up…

[2019.02.21] スマホスピタル厚木ガーデンシティ


Hello, We are smahospital Atsugi Gardencity.


We undertake the iPhone repair at any parts. For Exapmles,

  • Display
  • Battery
  • Other inner parts

However, sometimes there is a consultation from customers.


“My iPhone can’t boot up… :(“


So today, let us explain you about this matter’s cause and solution.


Why not be able to boot up?

It can supposes some causes, especially it’s likely that is the battery worse.

Battery worse is the most popular matter.

In nomally, the battery lifetime is from 2 for 3 years.

If it passed the lifetime, battery can’t demonstrate its performance.

So, we recommend the battery replacement if you are using your phone for a long time.


Other causes??

As other causes, It’s likely that is happening some problem in your phone’s OS.

This problem happen when the OS update fail by next causes.

  • Failure of wi-fi network connecting
  • Battery was empty while the phone is processing of update

Such like these.


So, Please be careful about your phone’s status while your phone is processing of OS update.



That’s is the introduction of the matter about your phone’s boot up.

If you are troubled some problem of your phone, please consult for us!


Thanks for reading! See you again!!


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